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Changing Lives

With each retreat you book, you’ll help a person in need.

Let’s do more

We want to help make a difference in the world and we know you do too.

When you book on a Shine Yoga retreat you are not only doing something wonderful in your own life you’re also improving lives by helping to support an incredible cause.

Through you, Shine Yoga helps provide life saving mosquito nets to protect people at risk from Malaria. 

For each person that books on a Shine Yoga Retreat we will make a donation to the Against Malaria Foundation to provide 5 mosquito nets to help protect people against Malaria.

About the Against Malaria Foundation

 Each year, 200 million people become infected with malaria. Of those cases, the disease will prove fatal for half a million. Seventy percent of these deaths are of children under five years old, making malaria one of the leading causes of child mortality in Africa.

Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) works to prevent the spread of malaria by distributing mosquito nets to susceptible populations in developing countries.

The disease is spread by mosquitoes at night, while people are sleeping.The best way to prevent this is to use long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs). 

One AMF net will on average protect two people for up to four years. For every 50-250 AMF nets we put over heads and beds, one child doesn’t die.