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Why we’re special

We love what we do and we believe absolutely in the wonderful power of yoga and travel. We thrive on sharing this passion with you, exploring new places, meeting new people and having fun together.


We are committed to creating the warmest, most inclusive and fun-filled yoga retreats. 

You’ll experience a supportive, kind and generous environment.

Our goal is to make every person feel totally at home, wonderfully uplifted, supported and relaxed on every retreat.

Perfect for independent travellers, if you’ve never been on a retreat for don’t worry! You’ll love it.


We know yoga is for everybody and we care about every single person on each retreat. From total newbies to advanced yogis everyone is welcome.

You’ll be challenged to your own individual level and most importantly encouraged to love yourself just as you are.

We are down to earth and we don’t think yoga retreats need to be serious. We encourage laughter, falling down and having fun in yoga classes.


We are really proud to have picked some of the most stunning locations world-wide.

We appreciate natural beauty, chic and simple accommodation and great food.

We’re always searching for the best sunset views, star filled skies and warm oceans. 

We strive to combine breath taking natural beauty and vibrant cultural experiences for the ultimate yoga retreat experience.

when you book a Shine Yoga Retreat you’re helping an incredible cause


Yoga twice a day will make you feel incredible. FACT.

Having time to rest, recharge and slow down will do wonders for how you think and feel. Eating the most delicious healthy food will transform your energy levels.

We’re committed to filling our retreats with everything you need to sparkle and shine.

You’ll leave feeling lighter, brighter and with a whole new perspective on your life.


We’re explorers. We know how powerfully life affirming it is to have new adventures, step outside your comfort zone and try new things.

On our retreats we’ll help you to have the most awesome experiences.

You’ll see new things, try new foods, experience new cultures and wander wildly!

Because the world is full of wonderful things you haven’t seen yet.


You really are amazing. We love the incredibly fun and friendly atmosphere on our retreats and that’s down to each and every one of our guests.

We appreciate how wonderful you are.

We listen to your suggestions, we enjoy answering every one of your emails and we design our retreats around you.

AND together we can do so much, helping people in need through our charity support.