Online Yoga Classes

 online yoga


Our online classes are such a wonderful way to stay connected with each other and inspired in our yoga practices right now.

Everyone is welcome to join these classes, whether you practice with me regularly or are totally new to the class.

It’s been really special to see so many of you online and to be able to continue to enjoy the uplifting and heartwarming feeling of practicing yoga together whilst at home.

Jen’s online classes have become one of my highlights of the week. Each class has her own unique chilled out creative style. By the end I am full of energy and have a smile on my face. ~ Anni

There are no online classes scheduled at the moment. Make sure you’re signed up to the Shine newsletter to receive all the information about upcoming classes and workshops.

The online classes take place live via Zoom. After booking you will receive the zoom link.

If you can’t make the live class time, you can still do the class recording.

Thank you so much for the amazing yoga! Has all been fabulous. Love the pace, moves, playlist, breath guidance. Feel so much stronger, flexible, and calmer. ~ Emma

This class is a moving meditation. You’ll slow down, unwind and relax completely. Expect gentle movement, nourishing deep breaths and calming guided meditations. You’ll float out of these classes feeling refreshed and so incredibly relaxed. Perfect for when you need to slow down, rest and let go of stress.

In the first part of this relaxing class you’ll move through gentle yoga poses and breathing techniques that will help you to unwind and prepare for meditation. Then enjoy practicing a calming and restful guided meditation you can do sitting or lying down.

An energising and uplifting class where yoga poses are linked with the breath into a fluid sequence. Strengthen, stretch and smile as you move through creative, dynamic yoga flows. You’ll leave this class feeling strong, radiant and joyful. 

Before the class make sure you’ve downloaded Zoom.

You can use your phone, tablet or computer but I recommend picking whichever device you have with the biggest screen so you can see the class as clearly as possible.

15 minutes before the class starts I’ll email you with the link you’ll use to login to the class.

If you’d prefer your class email sent to a different address than your PayPal email please let me know. If your email hasn’t arrived in your inbox 15 minutes before the class check your ‘spam’ folder.

I’ll also email you a Spotify music playlist you can listen to during the class. If you’d like to use this make sure you have Spotify on a second device.

If you have any questions please email me

Live Online Yoga Class

‘Jen’s online classes have become one of my highlights of the week. Each class has her own unique chilled out creative style. By the end I am full of energy and have a smile on my face. 

Jen is one of the best yoga teachers I have had. Her classes are creative and challenging but always approached with a sense of humour and fun.

The classes are energising and uplifting, you always have a sense of achievement. Whether it’s a clearer mind, or working towards a new pose you have never done before. I love joining the morning classes with the ritual of getting my props ready, unrolling my mat and starting the playlist. It is the perfect start to the day.’ 


‘I would highly  recommend Jen’s classes as a perfect way to have an hour of me time and to forget all that is going on around you during these challenging times. They are a wonderful way to either start or end the day.

Jen’s warm personality really shines through in her online classes and I really enjoy the innovative slow flow sequences that link the poses perfectly whilst focussing on the breathe to create a wonderful moving meditation. 

You can not help but leave the class feeling inspired and either relaxed or energised, depending on what you need from your practice at that time.’