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Dancing Barefoot at the Beach

dancing barefoot poetry


Today we are feeling inspired by the continual creativity of Rebekah Steen and this dreamy poem.  We’ll see you on the beach – to dance, and swim, and surf, and yoga!

“I’m so thankful for times when I’m barefoot

Because it means I’m somewhere I love,

when I’m surrounded by surf, salt and fresh air

on days I thought I could only dream of.

I’ve learned my favorite shoes are footprints

and to write welcome home on the sand

because rarely do I ever leave a beach

without finding pieces of me in its tides or strand.

My toes take deep breaths in the waves

and seem to laugh when I kick in the foam

I swear my soul writes me a thank you note

when I give my feet a chance to get wet and roam.

It might seem so odd to crave having naked feet

that just want to be buffed and touched by the sand

I guess sometimes it’s just natures way

of holding me in it’s hand.”

– Rebekah Steen

You can read more from Rebekah on her beautiful blog Goldfish Kiss.

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