Yoga Nidra from the Sierra Nevada Mountains

Yoga Nidra from the Sierra Nevada Mountains

Today I’m sharing a very special yoga nidra recorded live at our Shine Yoga retreat in Spain. This is the yoga nidra I guided the yogis through on the retreat, recorded from our stunning mountain terrace in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Andalucia. You’ll hear the sounds of cicadas, birds and the river far below as you rest and restore deeply with this guided relaxation.

Whilst practicing this yoga nidra the retreat yogis lay under the shade of the terrace, in the soft warmth of the late afternoon sun, surrounded by mountains and wild flowers, with the occasional butterfly flitting past. Wherever in the world you practice this yoga nidra I hope some of that same tranquility and beauty reaches you too.

On every Shine Yoga retreat with me you’ll experience Yoga nidra, or “yogic sleep” as it’s often called. This totally unique form of yoga for ultimate relaxation is incredibly powerful and enables rejuvenation and release. It requires no physical effort at all so all you need to do is lie down, get really comfy and listen to the words! Now that sounds good, right?

You can use this practice to calm your nervous system, reduce your stress levels and energise your body. You’ll access a parasympathetic ‘rest and digest’ state where deep healing occurs so it’s brilliant for those days when you feel worn out, low energy or on any day at all just before bed for the deepest night’s sleep. I like to think of it as a kind of yogic power nap.

This yoga nidra guided audio is a luxurious 27 minutes long, I hope it transports you to a place of deep rest and calm.

Yoga Nidra Guided Relaxation – Mountain Morning

Simply press play to begin:

Did you enjoy your yogic power nap? I’d love to hear from you! Comment below and let me know.



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