A Restorative Yoga Sequence To Do at Home (With No Props)

A Restorative Yoga Sequence To Do at Home (With No Props)

Rest deeply and relax completely with this restorative yoga sequence you can do at home. Close your eyes and let your whole body soften and sink in to the sweetest sequence of soothing and nourishing yoga poses. 

In restorative yoga we use blankets, blocks, eye pillows and bolsters (big yoga pillows) to create a cocoon of comfort, cosiness and calm in which to rest and recharge. But just because you don’t have any yoga equipment doesn’t mean you can’t try this restful and rejuvenating style of yoga at home right now.

I’ll show you how to use what you already have around the house to create the most comfortable and relaxing yoga practice ever!   You’ll step off of your mat after this sequence feeling calm, refreshed and energised.

Don’t forget to leave me a comment at the bottom of the page once you’ve tried this and let me know what your favourite pose was!


What you’ll need:

  • a yoga mat or a soft carpeted floor with a blanket over it.
  • 2 firm pillows, or a yoga bolster if you have one
  • A selection of large books (cookbooks work really well here), or 2 yoga blocks if you have them 
  • 2 blankets or large towels
  • 1 eye pillow or a small scarf/t-shirt folded to fit over your eyes.
  • A timer (I like to use this Insight Timer app)



In each restorative yoga pose you should feel totally comfortable and relaxed. No effort, strength or flexibility required. If any of these poses don’t feel gentle and restful for you try adding extra pillows or blankets to make yourself more comfortable and move out of the pose altogether if you can’t relax there. 


A Restorative Yoga Sequence To Do at Home

1. Simple Supported Backbend

Place your 2 pillows or a bolster across your mat. Lie down over the pillows (or bolster) so that they support your mid back. Your shoulders and your arms should be able to rest on the floor above the pillows. If this feels like too much of a backbend use just one pillow or a folded blanket underneath your back.

Bend your knees and step your feet to the edges of your mat. Let your knees drop inward to rest against each another. Place the folded blanket or towel underneath your head. Add an extra fold underneath your neck. Bring your arms out wide to the sides with your palms facing up. You can lay an extra blanket over you for warmth (not pictured). Finally put the eye pillow over your eyes. Stay here for 5 minutes.

2. Reclining Twist

Turn the pillows away from you along the mat. Place a yoga block or a few big books underneath the far end (I find cookbooks work well for this!). Put a folded blanket across the top. Sit with your right hip next to the pillows and bend your knees over to the right on the floor.

Lower you upper body down on to the pillows, turn your head to the right and rest your arms on the floor on either side of the pillows. Your upper body should feel wonderfully supported here, if not sit back up and add more height to the pillows/bolster with extra pillows/blocks/books/blankets. Stay here for 5 minutes. Then sit up and repeat on the other side.

3. Supported Cross Legs Pose

Turn your pillows/bolster back across your mat and position the books/blocks underneath the pillows on both sides. You may need to add some extra books here to make sure the pillows will support your arms and head. Sit with cross legs and fold forward to rest your arms on the pillows.

If you find it difficult to fold forward at all here try resting your arms on the seat of a chair, covered with a blanket, instead (see picture below).

Rest your head on your arms or turn it to one side. Stay here for 5 minutes. Then sit up, stretch out your legs, and when you feel ready repeat with your left shin crossed in front of your right.


Basic Relaxation Pose

Lie down on your back and lift your lower legs up on to the pillows and books you set up in the last pose. The backs of your knees should be supported by the pillows and your feet slightly lower than your knees. Place the folded blanket or towel underneath your head. Add an extra fold underneath your neck. Turn your palms to face up with your arms a little way away from your upper body.

You can lay an extra blanket over you for warmth (see below). Finally put the eye pillow or small folded scarf over your eyes. Stay here for 5-15 minutes (15 minutes is ideal if you have time).

Once you’ve had a chance to try this, I’d love to hear from you. What was your favourite pose? And how do you feel now? Rested, relaxed, energised, calm? Leave a comment in the comments box below and let me know.


  • Josephine Wells
    Posted at 09:35h, 13 October Reply

    Hey Jen

    This is just what I needed today. The reclining twist was my favourite and the cross leg fold let some emotions release.

    Thank you

  • Maria M.
    Posted at 19:05h, 15 October Reply

    I‘m pretty sore today from yesterdays workout, especially shoulders and lower back, so i liked the backbend the most. Thanks for the relaxing sequence!

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