Rejuvenating Slow Flow: A 9 Minute Online Yoga Class

You know what? Sometimes, just 10 minutes of movement, or even less…

(I’m talking, a smattering of gentle yoga poses. Some nourishing deep breaths. And a teensy bit of time to slow down and focus on yourself.)

Is truly all you need to feel refreshed, relaxed or energised.

That’s why I created this rejuvenating slow flow class video for you. 

It’s short enough to squeeze into even your busiest day. 

And it’s full of gorgeous, gentle movement and simple poses that your hips, lower back and shoulders will love.

I think it’s a wonderful way to gently wake up and start your morning. Or to wind down at the end of the day.

Once you’ve tried the class leave a comment below and let me know what time of day you did it.


This 9 minute recording is taken from one of my 60 minute live online slow flow yoga classes.

If you really enjoyed this short class, why not join me for 6 weeks of energising, fun and refreshing online vinyasa flow classes.

Each class in this series will have a unique and creative sequence of poses as well as powerful breathing techniques, and gorgeous guided relaxations.Find out more here.

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