Sun Meditation: 6 Minute Guided Visualisation

Sun Meditation: 6 Minute Guided Visualisation

It’s time to infuse your body and mind with warmth, energy and radiance in this 6 minute guided visualisation meditation.

In this gorgeous meditation you’ll visualise a bright shining sun moving through your body like a stunning sunset.

Let the sun melt away any tension, tiredness or stress as it descends from the top of your head to your heart.

Then feel that energy amplify and expand at your heart centre as you bask in the feelings of warmth, vibrancy and joy that shine out through your whole body.


This is a wonderful meditation to do when you wake up, or at the beginning of your yoga practice. It would also be incredible to do at sunset or when you’ve just finished work for the day and want to unwind and relax.

This 6 minute recording is from the start of this week’s slow flow yoga class. If you’d like to practice the energising and uplifting hour-long class you can get the recording here. This class actually contains one of my favourite slow flow sequences we’ve done so far so I can’t wait for you to try it.

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