Invigorating Morning Yoga Flow: A 20 Minute Online Yoga Class

This invigorating 20 minute morning vinyasa flow yoga class will help you to start your day feeling full of energy, wide awake, radiant and confident.

Gently warm up and wake up with cat cow circles, melting heart pose, sphinx and cobra. Then dive into a creative, joyful and well rounded continuous flow.

You’ll roll into wild thing, find strength in cresent lunge and balance in standing splits and tree side plank.

Have fun with this feel-good sequence before moving in to the rest of your day feeling motivated, strong, focussed and ready to shine your brightest!

Once you’ve tried the class leave a comment below and let me know in 3 words how you feel after this practice!

This 20 minute recording is taken from one of my 60 minute live online yoga classes. Because it isn’t the full class please add on your own savasana or seated meditation. Take a few minutes at the end to sit with your eyes closed and focus on your breath or lie down and relax completely.¬†

If you really enjoyed this short class, and would like to join one of my weekly live online classes click here to find out more.

This Friday I’ll be teaching a special 2 hour online rest & replenish yin and restorative yoga workshop. Click here for all the details. so you can treat your body and mind to much needed time to unwind, slow down and rest.

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