Wild Star Vinyasa Flow Yoga Sequence

Dance your way through this beautiful vinyasa flow yoga sequence inspired by two gorgeous heart opening backbends. 

Move fluidly with your breath through this dance like flowing vinyasa sequence where Star Gazer Pose and Wild Thing Pose are the stars of the show!  Flowing freely and joyfully through this stunning sequence of poses you’ll feel like a graceful and creative dancer. Plus you’ll open your hamstrings, heart and side body as well as energising your body, calming your mind and having fun!

It’s best to do this vinyasa flow sequence once you are warm, after sun salutation and standing poses. I highly recommend practicing my Dancing Warrior Flow sequence first, then continuing the dance with this Wild Star sequence. It’s a great warm up for more advanced backbends too.

Wild Star Vinyasa Flow Yoga Sequence

The first time you practice this sequence hold each pose for at least 5 deep breaths, take your time to find the alignment that feels right for you within the pose. Remember once you’ve completed the poses on one side do the same on the other side! When you are comfortable with the poses try flowing with your breath as directed below for 5 rounds on one side before switching sides.


If you are viewing this on a mobile or tablet turn your device to landscape to see the full instructions for each pose.

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