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Dancing Warrior Vinyasa Flow Yoga Sequence

Dance from your yoga mat and in to your day with this dancing warrior vinyasa flow yoga sequence.

Dancing Warrior Vinyasa Flow Yoga Sequence Reverse Warrior

Discover the powerfully calming and meditative quality to moving with the breath and feel the joyful freedom of this vinyasa flow yoga sequence. Move fluidly through these poses and you’ll feel light, centred and energised. You’ll immediately enliven your body and tap in to your inner strength and creativity as you dance through your yoga practice.

Whenever you feel uninspired, tired or not sure what to do on your yoga mat try putting on some music and flowing through this sequence, after a few rounds of this vinyasa flow yoga sequence you’ll feel centred, strong and much more in tune with your body.

Dancing Warrior Vinyasa Flow Yoga Sequence

Dancing Warrior Vinyasa Flow Yoga Sequence with twist

Set Your Intention

Begin by setting an intention. This sequence is the perfect reminder of how energising it can be to go with the flow and surrender to all that life has to offer in the moment so you may like to set an intention like one of the below. Make sure it inspires you and is simple enough for you to remember.

  • ‘Today I’ll dance through my day and go with flow.’
  • ‘I am light, uplifted and move with ease’
  • ‘I let go and flow with gratitude for this moment’

Silently repeat this intention to yourself whenever your mind wanders as you practice this vinyasa flow yoga sequence.

Start Slowly

First of all move slowly through each of the poses below – holding all of them for 5 deep breaths. This will help you to feel comfortable with the alignment within each pose and warm your muscles up so you’re ready to flow. Move through the entire sequence on the right side then move to the left. 

Flow with your breath

Next, once you know the poses, you can start to move more quickly in time with your breath. Follow the instructions below and remember it will probably take a few practices to feel really fluid and find the dance within the practice! You can repeat this sequence as many times as it feels good.  

Dancing Warrior Vinyasa Flow Yoga Sequence


Spotify Playlist for your Dancing Warrior Vinyasa Flow Yoga Sequence

Finally when you are confident with the sequence you may like to add music to your flow sequence. I’ve suggested some songs that are beautiful to flow to if you like to move with music.

Want to discover so many more joyful ways to go with the flow and dance around your yoga mat!? You can join me in class, at a Shine Yoga event, or on a yoga retreat to Morocco, Italy, Spain or Cornwall!

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  • Alise
    Posted at 19:09h, 12 February Reply

    Just what I was looking for.

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