Yoga Retreat Morocco Magical Moments

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Yoga Retreat Morocco sunset at the swimming pool

Sunset at Villa Mandala Shine Yoga retreat in Morocco

Yoga Retreat Morocco ~ Magical Moments

Wow, what a week! Our Shine Yoga retreat Morocco was amazing. From the first candlelit welcome dinner to our final luxurious spa day the retreat was filled with magical moments. I loved the shared meals, the laughter, the sunrise yoga practices, helping the yogis with their first handstands and guiding the slow restful yin classes, the adventures through palm tree filled valleys and around vibrant souks, cheering on the beginner surf lessons and the thrill of catching the perfect wave, as well as the quiet moments of sunsets, reading, poolside lounging and mint teas.

Our roof top yoga studio was really something special! Totally glass fronted we had spectacular uninterrupted views out over the ocean (apart from the odd camel trotting by along the beach). What inspiring surroundings in which to teach our twice daily yoga classes! Picture sun salutations as the sun rose over the sea, deep breaths in time with the ocean waves, restful yin at sunset and relaxing yoga nidra as the first stars came out. 

Surf and Yoga Retreat Villa in Taghazout with Shine YogaSurf Yoga retreat Morocco with Jen Austin Shine Yoga

The food all week was sensational! My favourite discovery was a type of Moroccan pancake, that’s like a cross between a crumpet and a crepe, so delicious! I can’t begin to describe how wonderful it is to have the smell of pancakes wafting up in to the yoga studio just as the morning class finishes.

In the evening we’d start with sunset nibbles on the terrace, tucking in to spicy dips, crunchy popped corn, Moroccan bread, nuts and giant olives before sitting down to dinner (special mention to the chocolate avocado tart, the aubergine lasagna, the vegetable tagine, the beetroot patties and the roasted quince). The beautiful living room’s giant sofas strewn with tassled and sequinned pillows were perfect for sinking in to with a mint tea after our meal.

Amouage Surf Maroc barbecue on Shine Yoga retreat

Amouage barbecue in Taghazout Morocco

Amouage infinity pool on our Shine Yoga retreat Morocco

On our evening out we feasted on a Moroccan barbecue by candlelight around the funky Amouage hotel’s stunning infiinity pool whilst a dj played then relaxed on cushions sprinkled across the lawn under a starlit sky with a bright full moon above.

All the nourishing food meant we were full of energy for so many exciting adventures. I had some fantastic surfs at the local breaks and it was so much fun to watch the retreat yogis have their surf lessons or go bodyboarding. There was so much cheering, high fiveing and big grins as the surfing yogis stood up for the first time on their surf boards or flew in to shore on their body boards!


Sunset surf yoga retreat Morocco

I adored our time wandering through the local souk market, where I picked out a pair of beautiful woven sandals and admired the bright rugs, the glimmering jewellery, the painted bowls and tall towers of fragrant spices. There was plenty of time to relax too, with spa treatments, poolside lounging, reading in the luxurious living room or taking in the view from the roof terrace.

It’s impossible to fully describe what a special week it’s been but I loved every moment!

Click here to read about our next Shine Yoga retreat to Morocco this March.

The ocean front pool on our yoga retreat in Taghazout Morocco




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